Thermalution no longer exists

Following the death of the owner of the company Petatech, the maker of the Thermalution product, the heirs have decided to eliminate the company. This will end the production of Thermalution heating vests in 2022 and the brand will cease to exist.
Thermalution Europe has found a worthy successor in Venture Heat, a similar product from a different manufacturer. You can visit Venture Heat Europe for this. More information on our new website: Venture Heat is not the same company as Thermalution, but a different company, with a kind of similar product. They do not have the resources to provide services to Thermalution products.

A limited stock of Thermalution heating vests, accessories and spare parts is still available. For service and questions about Thermalution please email to: As long as possible, we will provide the Thermalution user with the necessary service. This service is only possible for European countries.


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Thermalution Europe

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