Yellow Grade Plus becomes Yellow Grade 2.0

Thermalution Heating vest Yellow Grade 2.0

Besides running out of air, being cold underwater is the main reason for leaving the water. It is not for nothing that more and more (seasoned) divers use a Thermalution heating vest so that they can dive longer and more often, even in colder water.
It has been quite a few years since Thermalution introduced the Power heated vests. In fact, nothing has changed in the basic concept of these FAR infrared heating vests. Recently, the Power Heated Gloves were added to the Thermalution family.

One of the most popular models among divers is the YELLOW GRADE. Watertight guaranteed up to 100 metres and therefore usable under a dry suit and a wetsuit. No worries about possible water damage in the system. The Yellow Grade works with a wireless, waterproof, rechargeable, remote control with which the vest can be switched underwater and on land. The vest has 3 heat settings, of which level 1 (green) is often sufficient for use under a dry suit. When using a neoprene wetsuit, sometimes level 2 or 3 with more heat can offer more comfort.

Thermalution uses the unique ThermalTec heating system that generates FAR infrared heat. This is the same heat as the (red) heat lamp in the sauna and the same heat frequency that we experience when the sun shines. This comfortable heat penetrates deep into the skin, allowing the body's heat circulation system to absorb and distribute this heat throughout the body. It is a compact and efficient system that uses little energy, but can give off a lot of heat. It can generate heat for up to 4 hours with a small battery pack. The heat element is positioned on the back. There is the least fat on the body and the heat can penetrate the body the easiest.

The Yellow Grade (plus) is now succeeded by the new Yellow Grade 2.0. The same principles, but a little more modern. The pockets for the batteries are no longer fixed, but can be placed in any position on the side of the vest with the aid of a Velcro pocket. The side panel of the vest has therefore been changed in order to be able to attach the pocket. A zip has been added to make it easier to put on and take off.

The batteries have been electronically upgraded so that it can drive 2 products at the same time. So that the vest can be used together with the Power Heated Gloves. The size of the battery has also become somewhat flatter. This makes it a lot more comfortable to wear. The inscription on the battery is V2.

The Yellow Grade 2.0 set consists of the vest, a remote control, 2 batteries, a double charger 110/220 volts to charge the batteries and the remote control.

Quality products with high-quality and reliable Lithium Polymer batteries are expensive to produce. The price for this Yellow Grade 2.0 is therefore just over € 900,-. Still less than half the price of a good dry suit.

Ask your dealer about any testing possibilities.

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