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Thermalution is the solution against cooling down during numerous water sports and outdoor activities. These unique heating vests and gloves are extremely suitable for diving, surfing, swimming and many other water sports. In addition, there is also a warming vest for outdoor use, which can keep you very warm during, for example, skiing, hiking or fishing. To relieve muscle complaints in specific injury-sensitive areas, there are Thermal Sport products. 

Thermalution water sports thermal vests are 100% waterproof and can be used under a wet suit and a dry suit. They heat the body by means of far-infrared. This heat, which is equal to the heat that the sun produces, is absorbed by the body in the heat circulation system. As a result, your whole body stays at the right temperature for longer. An additional advantage is that you also get cold hands and feet less quickly because the core temperature of your body stays at the same level for longer! This makes you feel more comfortable in and underwater and therefore safer when diving and exercising. An additional advantage is that it also has a positive influence on the risk of decompression sickness when diving.

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Thermalution bestaat niet meer

Thermalution no longer exists

Following the death of the owner of the company Petatech, the maker of the Thermalution product, the heirs have decided to eliminate the company. This will end the production of Thermalution heating vests in 2022 and the brand will cease...

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Nieuw!! De Power Heated Gloves

New! The Power Heated Gloves

Nothing more annoying than cold hands when diving. There are many ways to keep your hands warm underwater, but there is only one real solution! And that is the heating gloves from Thermalution. The Power Heated Gloves.

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Thermalution® contains a non-metallic heating technology called ThermalTek® that generates heat and effectively warms the body. Thermalution is not only suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, skiing, etc., but also for water sports activities, such as diving, surfing, swimming, etc. It is now also available for water sports activities such as diving, surfing, swimming and kayaking. Thermalution® is the solution to hypothermia.

ThermalTek® Technology

ThermalTek® heating technology is patented and invented by Petatech® Int'l Co, Ltd. This technology is the first non-metallic heating technology in the world used for consumer products. The ThermalTek® technology is made of non-metallic materials. The advantages that these materials have are: easy energy supply, durable, flexible and washable. Petatech® pioneered this industry and has successfully developed heated undergarments for outdoor, water sports and medical care purposes.

The ThermalTek® has the following features

- Non-metallic advantages - Light, durable, safe, stable, strong, bendable, flexible and washable - Simple power supply by alternating current and direct current - High heat transfer efficiency with low power consumption - Low electromagnetic interference - Therapeutic Far Infra Red light

What is Far Infra Red (FIR)

Far Infra Red light is a spectrum of natural sunlight with a wavelength of 4 - 1000 microns. It is invisible to the human eye. NASA states that FIR, with a wavelength between 6 - 14 microns, is able to penetrate deep into the human body where the body temperature is slowly increased by generating resonance. It improves circulation, provides heat and accelerates metabolism. Tests of Thermalution products conducted by the Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology show that all products generate the desired therapeutic FIR, with wavelengths between 6 and 14 microns.

Product overview


Do you always get cold when diving or do you only do ice dives where it is important to stay warm for a long time? Take a look at these 100% waterproof vests and find out which one suits you best.


Do you still have cold hands when using the vest or are your hands often the only ones cold? Perhaps the heated gloves that can be connected to your vest are something for you.


Don't do any diving or surfing. No problem, we also have a body warmer with a heating element. So if you often get cold or you go fishing and want to be a bit warmer, take a look.

Surfing/Water sports

If you want to go surfing earlier in the year, but the weather is just too cold. Then use this t-shirt, which will keep you warm for longer.

Thermal Sport

Thermalution not only has heat vests, but also medical heating systems. Warms up your body and provides pain relief.


You will find an overview of all the accessories for the Thermalution products that you may need here.


Meet Thermalution users in heart and soul. Read their stories about why they chose Thermalution and why they would not want to be without it.


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