Bruno Tüscher

Bruno Tüscher

My name is Bruno Tüscher and I am co-owner of one of the largest diving centres in Switzerland - TSK Zürich (Tauchsport Käser Zürich AG), active PADI diving instructor. Of course, I spend a lot of time in our beautiful lakes and rivers, which usually don't get above 6 degrees water temperature in winter. Dry suit diving is therefore an absolute must. But even with four thick undersuits, the fun was largely over for me after 30 minutes of diving because the cold went through my core.

But then I discovered Thermalution Yellow Grade and could not believe the pleasantly warm feeling on the upper body at first. I felt like I was taking the heated seats out of the car during the dive. Since this revolutionary experience, I dive almost every third day in the middle of winter and enjoy comfortable dives for up to an hour without blinking an eyelid! I also need much less lead than the many thick layers I used to wear under the dry suit.

I usually start on the first heat level, which usually keeps me warm for 35 minutes, then the second level for another 20 minutes and then there is even a third level if the dive is just too good to stop now. The remote control of the heater, which can be operated from the outside, is downright ingenious. How cool is that? Last but not least - if I get out of the water and there are winter temperatures outside, the Thermalution just keeps on working at the lowest level. Freezing is a thing of the past!

Of course, my dear dive mates and customers have noticed that I am now one of the smiling Thermalution divers. Nice touch, at TSK Zurich we sell the Yellow Grade vests like hot cakes.




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