New! The Power Heated Gloves

Nothing more annoying than cold hands when diving. There are many ways to keep your hands warm underwater, but there is only one real solution! And that is the heating gloves from Thermalution. The Power Heated Gloves.

These fabric gloves have an infrared heating system on the back of the hand and can be used under dry suit gloves or neoprene gloves. The heating of each glove individually is powered by a 7.4 V 2.2, Ah battery. Or from the battery of a Thermalution heating vest via a Y-cable. The system is 100% watertight guaranteed to a depth of 100 metres. Therefore, any wetsuit and dry suit diver can use these Power Heated Gloves under any type of gloves, even if they get wet like neoprene gloves.

Thermalution Power Heated Gloves work with the patented Thermaltec heating system that heats up with a long infrared frequency. This can be compared to the red infrared lamp at the Wellness Centre for the muscles. This heat frequency is the same as the heat radiation from the sun which gives us the wonderful feeling. This long infrared frequency penetrates deeper into the skin and therefore the heat can be optimally absorbed by the skin and the circulation system. It is precisely this FAR infrared system that is able to keep the body, and in this case the hands, warm for a long time.

The gloves are switched by means of a CPS magnet switch on the mouse and the back of the hand. The CPS magnet on the left hand switches on the right glove on the back of the right glove. And vice versa, the left one on the back of the hand is switched on with the CPS magnet on the mouse of the right glove. This has been tested up to 2x 7 mm neoprene and it works without any problems. Thick neoprene gloves are therefore not a problem. Please note that switching on the system takes 3 seconds. When switching on, a vibration signal is given on the back of the hand. The glove is then in position 1. By touching the switch again with the magnet on the back of the hand, it switches to position 2 and then to position 3. Each time it confirms with 2 or 3 vibration signals. The system is switched off by touching the switch again for at least 3 seconds.

The 2 Lithium Polymer batteries provide 4 to 6 hours of warmth to the gloves. Depending on which mode you use them in. With the set, 2 battery pockets are included. These pockets can be attached to the lower or upper arm using the supplied Velcro fasteners. This can be done either on the outside of the suit or inside when using dry suit gloves. The batteries are protected electronically to prevent unwanted problems. The batteries are protected electronically to prevent unwanted problems and are also provided with an indestructible housing to prevent damage to the batteries. The system works on direct current. This has the advantage that if for any reason the plugs are unplugged underwater, there will be no damage to the gloves or the batteries. The battery can be reconnected underwater without any problems.

The Full set is delivered including 220/110V charger to charge both batteries simultaneously. When fully discharged, the batteries are ready for use again after approximately 4 hours. The charger works with a red and green LED indicator to show the status of charging.

The fabric gloves are made of flexible Nylon with Spandex. This feels extremely comfortable and fits wonderfully under dry suit gloves. The Power Heated Gloves are also made to be used under neoprene gloves. This also works fine without loss of comfort. However, it is recommended that these neoprene gloves are worn one size larger than usual. This is to ensure that the heating system does not press too hard on the hand and that there is enough room for the Thermalution gloves. Due to the elasticity of the fabric, it is advisable to purchase the heating gloves properly sized to prevent them from being too big. The gloves come in 4 sizes: Small for a hand circumference of about 18 cm. Medium for a hand circumference of approx. 20 cm. Large for a hand circumference of c.a. 23 cm. Xlarge for a hand circumference of c.a. 25,5 cm.

The Thermalution Power Heated Gloves are also available without batteries as an ADD ON set. Then these heating gloves can be used in combination with the Thermalution heating vest. In the ADD ON set, a Y-cable is supplied to use the power supply of the vest together with the gloves. Both the Thermalution heating vest and the gloves are then still switched individually. Please note that the Thermalution vest works on the most recent batteries with an inscription V2. If this coding is not on the battery, these batteries cannot be used in combination with the gloves.

Expected: Mid November 2020

The price:

Complete set consisting of a pair of Thermalution gloves, 2x 7.4 Volt 2.2 Ah and charger set: € 499,- incl. VAT.

ADD ON set consisting of a pair of Thermalution gloves and a set of Y-cables: € 269, - incl. VAT.


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