Peggy Zimmer

Peggy Zimmer

I have only been using a Thermalution heating vest and gloves for a few weeks. Since then, both have been a part of every dive for me. As a diver who dives all year round in the waters of Switzerland, Austria and Germany, I know that the water is simply very cold in winter or at depth. Until October / November you can jump into the water without heating, depending on the depth. From the beginning of December at the latest, the time without heating is over for me. From then on the water is only 4-6 ° C. Of course, I can keep my neoprene dry suit in the water for 20-30 minutes without heating it. But if, like me, you dive every week, at some point you will say that preparation and follow-up are no longer related to the dive time. Coming out of the water shivering is simply not pretty and, from a certain age, certainly not healthy. It may be that youthful heat slows down freezing. However, anyone who has ever felt the comfort of warmth will not want to go without. It is really great when, after about 10 to 20 minutes of diving, you can turn on the heating and feel as if someone were laying an electric blanket on your back. The heat flows immediately through the whole body - just great. I usually put the gloves on before the dive because my hands freeze very quickly. For me as a woman, it's much more comfortable if my hands are nice and warm, at least in the beginning. It is well known that women are a bit more sensitive. Vest and gloves can be operated independently from each other - simply brilliant. Even with cold fingers, both the remote control of the vest and the magnets of the gloves are easy to operate. My fingertips are cold after 60 minutes of immersion despite heated gloves. Thanks to the heated gloves, the hands are warm again more quickly.

I deliberately chose the Yellow Grade 2.0 and the heatable Add On glove system from Thermalution. Another model would certainly have done as well, but I am very happy with it. Whether I will ever go 100 metres deep is up to the stars. In terms of warmth, I would already be equipped. For me, it is very important: both the heated vest and the heated gloves of Thermalution stay warm when it gets wet. Both my dry suit gloves and my dry suit were already leaking. During the heating process, the gloves and the Thermalution vest were soaked in water and they still worked. Thanks to the warmth of the vest and gloves, the water temperatures were still bearable and the dive could be ended without any problems.

The only thing missing now are heated boots, because my feet are always cold.



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